How They Really Feel…

Throughout the years, Ms. Prissy™ innovative dependable work ethics in every aspect of her life has resulted in praise from managers and her peers.


“You were the best teacher!🙌🏽“ -Cmeshine

“And you are still one of the baddest Stylist I’ve ever had!” -Trish

“Priscilla is a very ambitious person and a diligent worker who is well liked by everyone. She performed a very high volume of work quickly and efficiently. I was very impressed with Ms. Pettway’s capabilities. She quickly adapted to operations and learned complex functions in a very short period-a task that takes most months to master.” -Sharon (LAUSD)

“Priscilla is a good listener and catches on well.” -Margaret (TSA)

“Priscilla had set a standard of excellence that has earned her the respect of her peers. She exceeds goals and expectations of her work assignment. She is a self-motivator and tries to motivate her peers. She believes in doing her best at all times. She accomplishes all assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner. Priscilla is a team player, conscientious, efficient, productive, reliable, supportive,
and a dedicated employee. Her dependability, job knowledge, and high standard of work performance have earned her special recognition and a job well done.” -Shirley (USPS)

“Thank you for helping put together a wonderful evening for me & thank you even more for making me pretty!” –Channa

“Lady Pris, You are a class act…” -Brian

“I really appreciate all of your hard work, your attention to detail.” – Becky (USPS)

You do a great job with timely, informative reporting and messaging.” -Marvin (USPS)

“Thanks so much, you all the time do things, extra for people. God bless you and I really appreciate you.” -David (USPS)

“As always, I marvel at the quality and sheer volume of work that you put into all you do. I’m not kidding. If everyone has the mind set you have for contribution to the success of the whole organization, we could not fail to excel.” -Michael (USPS)

“Ms. Pettway is an outstanding employee who on a daily basis goes “above and beyond” her duties and continuously exceeds the performance standards of her position….She is attentive to detail, organized, conscientious, and works tirelessly to assist the organization to achieve its budgetary and productivity goals.” -Hugo (USPS)

“Thank you for being there for me on my 60th Birthday Celebration and for your lifetime support.” -Ora

“You were definitely a life saver. Thanks for all the help with the food…” -Dean

“Your video was just what I was looking for. You were very professional and knowledgeable. You made the steps so simple. I hope you make more Excel videos.” -Irene

“BRAVO. Great video. It was just what I was looking for. Thank you.” -gm436138

“Thank you soo much I had to resize a watermark for work and I couldn’t figure out how to do it, thanks a lot!!” -D’Jreya

“I’ve watched many videos and yours is what worked for me! Thank you” -Andrea

“U have tapped into your God given creativity. Congratulations! Don’t stop. -Edonna