Tender Thoughts Greeting Card

It is always good to be appreciated. It is even more gratifying to FEEL appreciated for being who you are. My sister gave me this thank you card for my coordinating our Mother’s 80th Celebration Event.Rhee's Thank You Words

It was eight siblings discussing an 80th party for our Mother to take place in two weeks. No one took the steps to put the party in place. So I went for it. I am a take charge type of person who enjoys getting things done. Receiving this Thank You card with such touching and appreciative words on how I diligently communicated with each sibling to coordinate a successful party means a lot to me.

I wanted to make sure every voice was heard and every detail was executed.

I stuck to WHO I AM and made an important celebratory day become lifetime memories for an Amazing Mother.An Amazing Lady Is Turning Eighty

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