LOVE Verses Crap

Don’t be flattered. My silence does not equate to agreement. I’m not oblivious to crappy behavior. I am only bobbing and weaving through the nonsense in the air. I’m making leaps over crap when LOVE shows up. Yes, whenever LOVE enters the room, here comes that crap dropping its sour seeds here and there. Crap shows mad jealously when LOVE enters and inserts its power. Don’t get me wrong sometimes crap seems easier to accept. Yet, good old fashion LOVE nourishes the soul and shows how prosperous and joyful life can be. There’s no doubt, crap rules the world. But don’t get it twisted, LOVE owns the earth. So I bet my life on LOVE regardless of crap’s persistence. Face it, LOVE has powerful forces that cannot be reckoned with. Oh, did I mention LOVE fills the soul, forgives mistakes, has open arms, offers complete security and manifests a clear conscious? LOVE makes you want to do right: releases ignorance, it helps others and is kind, shows compassion, embraces positive changes, exudes progression, attracts humility and penetrates through hatred. LOVE is everlasting.

LOVE’s sparkle lights up darkness.

What exactly does crap have to offer? Absolutely NOTHING!