Get Moving


Edmund Pezalla, M.D., M. P. H., poetically states, “if you can run, run. If you can bike, bike. If you can walk, walk. Whatever activity you can handle, it’s important to move your body and engage your mind.” Let’s commit to some sort of regular exercise activity that engages our minds.

“A sound mind in a sound body” is based on a quotation by the Greek philosopher Thales (624-546 BC). Improving physical health will also improve mental health.  Daily habits to keep moving like exercise does not only control weight but it may also prevent health issues that affect our minds & diseases that attack our bodies. We should place every effort into keep moving so we can be healthier physically & mentally.

Staying active also improves our mood and definitely boost our energy. Our bodies crave being active. We are meant to move so why fight against such a natural occurrence? Think about how we feel during exercise. “My creative juices flow during my runs. I am more energized and excited about the rest of my day.” -IAmMsPrissy™. Staying active improves the quality of our lives.

Armand Tecco, M.Ed. says, “If you don’t use your body you will surely lose it.” So why take a chance to lose a body that does not belong to us; that was bought with a price. “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God?” -1 Corinthians 6:19.

So I am working towards a personal goal to regularly keep it moving that leads to a healthier body and a spiritually sound mind.

Please join and make the commitment.


Exercise Helps me Get my Mind off my Problems and Clears my Head.

FullSizeRender“Exercise helps you get your mind off your problems and clears your head,” says Thomas Plante, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at Santa Clara University in California. I believe it. When I exercise my mind is free and my head is clear to compartmentalize my problems. Especially when I run, I examine the different areas of my life that may cause stress – work, finances, relationships, family. I come up with effective ways to cope with the stress in these areas.

I try to exercise at least 3 times a week. Lately I have come up short yet I never stop trying. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends for adults 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) of vigorous activity every week and muscle-toning exercises at least two days a week. So between my running, elliptical, push-ups, and dumb bell strength train exercises, I feel I can at least cover the exercise requirements. After all, exercise does boost my mood, helps to manage my weight, and can help me sleep better.

I come out a winner every time because any sort of exercise increases my overall health and my sense of well-being.

Elliptical Run

5.60 Mile Elliptical Run

Exercise improves my mood

I work up a sweat and release endorphins

It helps to reduce stress

Exercise helps me get my mind off my problems and clears my head.

Love Not in Word but in the Truth

“…we should love, not in word or with the tongue, but in deed and truth.” – 1 Job 3:18

I am sometimes guilty of showing my love with word and not in my deeds. It is easy to do in this fast paced world. It seems there is little time to share and care.

As said by many, ‘time flies’.

By the time over worked and over stressed days get finish with me; I do not have much energy to nourish my love ones with good deeds at 100%.

I am conscientious of where I feel there’s need for improvement. I keep working at it every day: being used by Jehovah God to be the reason for someone’s joy; the cause of someone’s growth; the insight to someone’s process; the support to someone’s positive need; the love of someone’s life; the logic to someone’s conflict; the ying to someone’s yang; be the map to spiritual balance to someone’s unbalanced confused journey.

Time is precious and I should make bigger efforts to show my love not just with the tongue, but in truth.

Few People See What You Really Are


See MeTo some people I am hard, yet to others I am a pushover. To some I appear to be bossy and loud and to others I don’t speak with confidence and I am too quiet. I appear to be angry at times to some and to others I am always happy. I’m told I am the most thoughtful person one will ever meet, although I am also told that I am sometimes rude.

The truth is I AM all the above plus some.

I am hard on myself when I accept uncaring behavior from anyone.

I am a pushover with things that DO NOT matter to me, yet are important to another person.

I am bossy because I am unaware that speaking my truth considers me to be bossy.

I am loud because I am passionate when I talk, laugh, and live MY life.

I am confident in believing that GOOD always wins.

I am quiet when I am lost for an appropriate response to ignorance and ethically deprived individual behaviors.

I am angry at the lack of morals displayed in the world.

I am most happy when I feel respected.

I am thoughtful when I feel validated, loved, appreciated and not lied to with deceitfulness.

I am rude regarding people stupidity.

Outside the Box

Think Outside of the Box

Few people experience my ‘Uniqueness’ because they are fixated on putting me inside only one of these boxes: hard, pushover, bossy, loud, confident, quiet, angry, happy, thoughtful, rude, etc.

Being tactful may not be my strong skill, although having values and integrity is what drives me.

MOST importantly I am who I am and I DO NOT apologies for how Jehovah God made me.

Everyone sees what I appear to be, a few experience what I really am.

Keep It Moving

Even when I don’t feel like it I DO. So this morning I didn’t give in to laziness. I gave it all I had and ran 7.02 miles. I kept it moving with a 1.04 mile cool down walk.

Always do SOMETHING instead of nothing.

Keep it Moving


There’s nothing like building a little bank as you get healthier.


I pay myself $1 each time I exercise. Paying myself motivates me to stay active. My determination to become healthier and persistently push myself to exercise pays off. It inspires me to “Keep it Moving”.

It is beneficial to find various ways to become healthy motivated.


A Healthy Life Motivator

Fit for a Run

The weather this morning was fit for a good run and I took advantage. I had a great 7.15 mile run. I haven’t run this distance in a while. My distance run was slow and steady. I picked up speed in the last three miles. I was conscious of my form with each step. Breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. I kept my chest and shoulders up. I made sure my back stayed straight. My elbows I kept to my sides as I swung my arms back and forth. My grip was relaxed and my stomach was held in. I landed each step on the balls of my feet.


Yes I had a great run today 🙂

Regular cardiovascular exercise is important!

Yes I had a great run today 🙂

Regular cardiovascular exercise is important!

My Fast, Cheap, Easy or Fake

My Fast, Cheap, Easy, or Fake t-shirt reminded me to eat HEALthy after running 5.01 miles.

It felt good to finish my daily run and it felt even better to focus on my after run nutrition. I ate carbohydrates and protein foods within 45 minutes after my run. This reloaded my muscles with the basic nutrients and fluids I lost during my run. I wanted to speed up my recovery time and be ready for my next cardio exercise.


Always remember HEALthy nutrition should always be included with exercise.


nikerunning07042014I am feeling pretty good with my 5.12 mile run with the nikeplus app. It has been a while since I ran. It was a ‘feel good’ run. My goal was to run no less than 3.5 miles. Once I was close to 5 miles nothing could stop me. I thought healthy thoughts and I finished 5.12 miles.

Let nothing stand in your way to a ‘healthier’ you. Whatever your cardio choice, decide to ‘KeepItMoving’ and stay active.

I #love2run.