IAm…Hurt, Disappointed, Sad, Exhausted, GROWTH!

It is an empty feeling to realize someone who has occupied your life for the last 15 years does not respect you. To have the feeling of detachment breathe so heavy in the air is hurtful.


I am saddened with HUGE disappointment to now know that it did not matter how deeply I showed my love and support during dishonorable hurtful lows as well as the multitude of good moments.


The words that ALWAYS massaged my heart to keep me giving my love do not work any longer. I have awakened to accept that repeated ACTIONS always produce the same results.


I throw in the towel to defeat. I love hard and I allowed insecurities to lead my heart.


My advice is NOT to follow your heart. Solomon stated at Proverbs 28:26 “Whoever trust in his own heart is stupid” and Writer Jeremiah wrote in the 17th chapter, 9th verse “The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate.”

I suggest the use of common sense. Follow your natural intuition. Walk in WISDOM. Job poetically wrote in the 28th verse of the 28th chapter, “The fear of Jehovah – that is Wisdom.”


Few People See What You Really Are


See MeTo some people I am hard, yet to others I am a pushover. To some I appear to be bossy and loud and to others I don’t speak with confidence and I am too quiet. I appear to be angry at times to some and to others I am always happy. I’m told I am the most thoughtful person one will ever meet, although I am also told that I am sometimes rude.

The truth is I AM all the above plus some.

I am hard on myself when I accept uncaring behavior from anyone.

I am a pushover with things that DO NOT matter to me, yet are important to another person.

I am bossy because I am unaware that speaking my truth considers me to be bossy.

I am loud because I am passionate when I talk, laugh, and live MY life.

I am confident in believing that GOOD always wins.

I am quiet when I am lost for an appropriate response to ignorance and ethically deprived individual behaviors.

I am angry at the lack of morals displayed in the world.

I am most happy when I feel respected.

I am thoughtful when I feel validated, loved, appreciated and not lied to with deceitfulness.

I am rude regarding people stupidity.

Outside the Box

Think Outside of the Box

Few people experience my ‘Uniqueness’ because they are fixated on putting me inside only one of these boxes: hard, pushover, bossy, loud, confident, quiet, angry, happy, thoughtful, rude, etc.

Being tactful may not be my strong skill, although having values and integrity is what drives me.

MOST importantly I am who I am and I DO NOT apologies for how Jehovah God made me.

Everyone sees what I appear to be, a few experience what I really am.

Think, Believe, Become

I THINK I can #run 3.5 #miles with #nikeplus this morning. Now let me BELIEVE so I can BECOME that kind of #runner.think believe become

Ooops…I #ran my goal plus some – 3.77 #miles with #nikeplus.


Let nothing stop you from getting healthy.