I had to get my cardio in today. I struggled the entire morning trying to talk myself out of it. I have always been an early morning jogger. Yet this morning I started after 12noon. I made myself get up and jog. I started with my 4 sets of push-ups. I put on my gear and went for it.

I recently started back running and it is difficult. The beginning is always the hardest. I ran regularly for years and I have been less active the last year. Staying fit and healthy is important to me. I know that it is necessary to stay active. Being active has many health benefits. So I forced myself to be active today and jog.

As always, the first ½ mile is somewhat difficult. I jog with my cellular because I have the Nike + Running app on my cellular phone. Nike + Running app tracks my run performance. It is a great app, it provides to me my distance, average pace, calories burned. It tracks my path. It notifies me when I complete each mile. It cheers me on through to the finish. I benefit from this app a lot. It is somewhat similar to having your own cheering squad.  Watch the video and check it out for yourself! What is Nike + Running _3-31-2013 5.41.53 PM

I thought when it started to sprinkle today during my jog that I would cut it short. I did not want my cellular to get wet. That was just an excuse. I ignored that excuse and kept going. I placed my cellular inside my sleeve and focused on my health goal. Nike + Running app informed me when I completed each of my three miles. I was glad to have ignored those excuses to not jog the distance.

I was happy when I was done. One reason for my happiness was because I was tired and the other reason was I enjoyed the way my body felt. My muscles were worked with every step I ran and every swing of my arms. My heart rate was up and I knew that my body benefited from my decision to jog. Aside from the eventual weight lost, my heart will be healthier.

Moreover, I have to get ready for my participation in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women next month.

What motivates you to complete your daily cardio?

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