It’s Not Always Me

It’s not always me.
Sometimes it’s others, those who force their insecurities on me.
You know the type, negative individuals that think they are perfect and their draws don’t stink; they insist that you should be like them. (Yep, I too used to think that I was perfect and expected the world should be like me)They dislike ‘everything’ and insist that you dislike the same things. These individuals repeatedly make gestures and negative comments on things that you enjoy doing.

For the longest I kept falling into that downward trap. Trying to fix myself to accommodate these folks ever changing whims. Downplaying what I enjoy to make sure they are comfortable. Not realizing they’ll never be comfortable. It is actually me feeding into the power of making them feel superior. I was the only one uncomfortable.

Oh boy, I grew up! I messed around and found growth!
I’m talking about that growth that only Jehovah offers, the kind of growth that shows up after you learn better and decide to live better. Growth allows me to make positive steps to meet His expectations, progressing to something more everlasting. Not like humans finicky expectations, I mean life-changing expectations.

What happen was I started reading.
Not only do I ‘read with understanding’, but I implement what I learn.
I no longer believe in perfection. We are born with sin so why should I expect anyone to be perfect. I’m not perfect and these individuals that can’t crawl out of negative land are not perfect either. So, I no longer try to hold up to what imperfect folks think I should do or should not do. My focus is on what He expects from me…what He wants me to do.

I rely on something more fulfilling when making decisions and on how I should treat others. I aim to follow the path of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.
When I let love guide me, I find joy.
When terminating my own understanding, I find peace. When I stop, count to 10 and visualize myself in another shoes, I gain patience. When I walk peacefully my steps don’t hurt others and I become kinder. When I surrender to spiritual progression, I feel good and have better skin (just saying). When I see the Word in action, I am comforted in Faith. When I ‘respond’ and not ‘react’ to negativity that doesn’t give me life, I become mild-tempered. When I disengage my sharp tongue, I invoke self-control.

By not relying on my own understanding and following these fruitage of the spirits I cannot fail. When I implement these fruits in my decision making process and let them guide me I am no longer angry with insecure individuals that insist on being negative and want me to do and be negative just like them.

Most importantly when embodying these fruits I embrace confidence. I make wise decisions to live in such a way that results in pleasing Him – the only one that matters.

I’m work in progress… watch me continue to grow.☺️

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