Invisible Money Trap

Getting caught in the  “invisible money” trap can discourage us in so many ways. It is easy to overspend when we don’t see money leaving our wallets.

Using credit and debit cards remove our common sense radars we usually experience when paying with cash. With cash we hesitate to depart from our cold cash leaving our hands. We think, “Is this purchase really necessary?” Often, we’ll leave it right in the store. On the other hand, using credit and/or debit cards allure us to shop shop shop. We start internet shopping, which is quick and easy.

Well, there’s always hope in improving our spending money habits. We just have to be open to do things differently, especially when there is a relationship involved.

Image by JW.ORG

Couples can be lured into credit spending and have problems with overspending.

“A borrower is a slave to the lender. – Proverbs 22: 7

Read here for what you can do to resolve to cooperate; set up a budget; rethink your view on possessions; make adjustments.

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