In-House Jog

I did not feel like going through the whole process of putting exercise clothes on, going to the gym for the treadmill, or jogging around the neighborhood to jog the hill. So I did the next best active thing and jogged in-house. No running shoes or stylish gym clothes were necessary.

I woke up this morning, stretched, hit the floor to complete 4 sets of push-ups and overhead dumbbell presses, set the timer for 30 minutes, and in-house jogged around inside my unit. I could have chosen to make excuses to why I did not have the energy to jog outside or I did not have anything to wear to the gym, or the most popular excuse of not having the time…the list of excuses are endless.

I just got up and in-house jogged for 30 minutes. I performed 6 sets of jumping jacks during my 30 minute in-house jog. I did not allow excuses. We have opportunities daily and I took my opportunity this morning and made in-house jogging my cardiovascular exercise activity. I found in-house jogging works when there is no time to go for a run or make it to the gym. In-house jog is an active way to work toward a healthier lifestyle. It is not the same as the jog up-hill or the treadmill but you can make it as challenging as you prefer. I added intervals of jumping jacks to add more cardio spice. The extra challenges can be as creative as you select.

There may be a small voice in our head that rationalizes us to not seek a healthier lifestyle. It is crucial that we respond to that voice with a positive and active action. My positive action this morning was to get my quick dose of cardio.

My choice to in-house jog this morning resulted in my burning ~191 calories. I felt so driven I completed 10 minutes on the elliptical at the end of my 30 minute in-house jog.

Jogging at home can be a little more dangerous than running on the treadmill at the gym because of possible added obstacles. So before I got started I made sure my route through my unit was free of debris or boxes. I knew where my furniture was placed and the size of my door frames. I made sure I did not bang into anything as I jogged throughout my unit.

Starting my day with an active exercise geared my mind into a healthier direction. What a way to have started my day!

Share what activities you do to start your day in a healthier direction.

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