Her Eyes

When I look into her eyes I feel warmth, understanding. I feel loved. I feel an unconditional love; a happenstance kind of love; because love is in her heart, it exudes in the way she moves and softly speaks.

When I look into her eyes I remember the Mommy daughter talks that bring me clarity each day. The words of wisdom I never understood; now I fully appreciate their value.

When I look into her eyes I see strength; power and spiritual conviction. I see a woman who lived a life layered with circumstances that she manifested into greatness; difficult times into triumphs.

When I look into her eyes, I SEE, FEEL and UNDERSTANDS love.

God made each of her children full of love, and he made one a replica of Mommy. That one that serves over, above and beyond every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every time.  The one that takes excellent care of the woman behind these eyes.

In their eyes, love speaks volume.

Thank you Jehovah❣️

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