DIY – Personalized Thank You Party Favor

PStory Events® take personalization to a different level. This boy baby shower thank you favor displays just that.

To assemble this memorable favor, PStory Events® used plastic baby bottles, mini pacifiers, ribbon, customized hanging tags and navy, light blue and silver Hershey chocolate kisses.

PStory Events® customized the front of the hanging tag with a personal thank you message and the back of the tag with a photo of the family.

An added creative touch was completed by placing the baby’s sonogram image inside the blue heart.

The blue ribbon secured the mini plastic pacifier and the hanging tag onto the plastic baby bottle. Hershey kisses were placed inside the bottle.

PStory Events® place a high value on decor personalization and this thank you favor did not disappoint.

DIY – Decoration Using Items From The Kitchen Cabinet

There is no need to pay excessive amounts of dollars for decorations when you can get items from home to create on point decor. This PStoryEvents® idea was created using a glass jar, tissue, ribbon, glue stick and chocolate candy.

Place the jar on top in the middle of color of choice tissue. Pull the tissue up alongside the jar to cover the jar.

Duck the tissue inside the top of the jar.

Crumble a ball of tissue (color of choice) and place inside the jar.

Tie a ribbon around the jar.

Glue down the ribbon onto the tissue.

Place stickers on candy covers.

Place candy inside the jar.

There you have it. PStory Events® party decoration that looks like you’ve paid a million bucks and is so pretty that your guest will not stop admiring.