Coronavirus Text Plea To My Family

Hi Fam💜

I’m sending out a plea to all of you. This text may be long but it will be well worth reading. So here it is…

Stuff is opening up (for economic reasons ONLY) and we can lose focus that we’re still in a COVID-19 pandemic and the virus is still lurking around creeping up on its next victim!

So let’s keep our razors sharp and keep practicing social distancing regardless if face coverings are on and especially when masks are off. As an effort to possibly stop drops from entering our body, remember face coverings should be fabric when held up to light you can’t see through and fit snugged from top of nose bridge, around jaw to bottom chin. And let’s not forget our ears and 👀 s which are also openings into our bodies, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep on glasses or shades when in public – (just a thought).

Prayer is ultimate.

Operating with safe practices is next.

Let’s all stay vigilant & follow the safety precautions. Please don’t get caught up in rhetoric talk about if the media is blowing the numbers out of proportion or if they are reporting too much for a story. It really shouldn’t matter one way or the other…coronavirus is killing folks and I care about us all and want us to be safe as much as we can humanly manage.

Let’s continue to thoroughly wash our hands for 20 seconds as often as possible; stay out of groups, especially when indoors; disinfect commonly used areas often; stay at least 6 feet away from non-household members.

Take your daily vitamin.

Please add to this text any safety precautions that you feel may keep us healthy and alive👍🏽

Love you all and pray for our continued good health and safety❣️

DIY – Personalized Thank You Party Favor

PStory Events® take personalization to a different level. This boy baby shower thank you favor displays just that.

To assemble this memorable favor, PStory Events® used plastic baby bottles, mini pacifiers, ribbon, customized hanging tags and navy, light blue and silver Hershey chocolate kisses.

PStory Events® customized the front of the hanging tag with a personal thank you message and the back of the tag with a photo of the family.

An added creative touch was completed by placing the baby’s sonogram image inside the blue heart.

The blue ribbon secured the mini plastic pacifier and the hanging tag onto the plastic baby bottle. Hershey kisses were placed inside the bottle.

PStory Events® place a high value on decor personalization and this thank you favor did not disappoint.

DIY – Decoration Using Items From The Kitchen Cabinet

There is no need to pay excessive amounts of dollars for decorations when you can get items from home to create on point decor. This PStoryEvents® idea was created using a glass jar, tissue, ribbon, glue stick and chocolate candy.

Place the jar on top in the middle of color of choice tissue. Pull the tissue up alongside the jar to cover the jar.

Duck the tissue inside the top of the jar.

Crumble a ball of tissue (color of choice) and place inside the jar.

Tie a ribbon around the jar.

Glue down the ribbon onto the tissue.

Place stickers on candy covers.

Place candy inside the jar.

There you have it. PStory Events® party decoration that looks like you’ve paid a million bucks and is so pretty that your guest will not stop admiring.

Her Eyes

When I look into her eyes I feel warmth, understanding. I feel loved. I feel an unconditional love; a happenstance kind of love; because love is in her heart, it exudes in the way she moves and softly speaks.

When I look into her eyes I remember the Mommy daughter talks that bring me clarity each day. The words of wisdom I never understood; now I fully appreciate their value.

When I look into her eyes I see strength; power and spiritual conviction. I see a woman who lived a life layered with circumstances that she manifested into greatness; difficult times into triumphs.

When I look into her eyes, I SEE, FEEL and UNDERSTANDS love.

God made each of her children full of love, and he made one a replica of Mommy. That one that serves over, above and beyond every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every time.  The one that takes excellent care of the woman behind these eyes.

In their eyes, love speaks volume.

Thank you Jehovah❣️

Aunties Rock

Feeling a certain kind of way…a little nostalgic. Thinking about these women who I watched throughout my child life. My strong Big Mama and her girls: Mommy who has been mommy to many and who always taught me to be the best person God expected of me. Today, I look at her and I can’t stop thanking her.  I am so grateful that Jehovah God chose her to be my Mother.

My ‘no nonsence’ Aunt Queen, my ‘rock solid’ Aunt Ann and my ‘glamour diva’ Aunt Rosie.

My aunties were every and anything to me. So different and yet so much alike. I didn’t realize as a child that they were teaching me as I in awe watched them navigate through life. 

I am each one of them and I miss them terribly.

That’s all I have to say…💜


Every day we go to work and strive for something better, life’s treasures. We work to pay bills. We work to support loved ones. We work to save money. We work to pay mortgages or rent; pay car notes, purchase big and small ticket items; life luxuries, etc.

We work for so many different reasons. Whether we want to go to work or not, we get up and we go to work and we do it every day over and over again. Some of us do it for years and years to retirement.
During all this time we never stop to reflect what exactly is ‘work’ and how we should feel about work. Sometimes we like it, most of the times we don’t. But have we ever examined what we have been doing for years and how work affects us?

The Dictionary says, “Work is an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.” Have we ever really zoned into our purpose of working and the results it yield? “There is benefit in every kind of hard work”, mentioned at Proverbs 14:23.

We receive benefits from the hard work of God’s hands. -ref. Psalm 19:1. Work not only fulfills our basic needs of clothing and hunger, it also feeds into our talents, skills and helps us to gain knowledge. Work gives good physical health and wellbeing. Working helps us to manage stress levels and supports good mental health.

I actually enjoy working; feeling a sense of accomplishment as I improve a situation. That situation can involve me or someone/something else. The gratification of feeling anew, fresh, exalted to spiritual growth; helping others reach their goals with minimal setbacks. I agree with author Katherine Mansfield, “To work—to work! It is such infinite delight to know that we still have the best things to do.” There is always better things ahead to accomplish and enjoyment to be had from hard work. Hard work is a gift of God. -ref. Ecclesiastes 3:13.

Work for me is bigger than driving into a 9-5. Work keeps my senses sharp and leads me to want to achieve more. Each achievement brings a personal drive that is unmatched. Dr. Ash Nadkarni states, “Whenever a person gains a sense of autonomy, it significantly reduces feelings of helplessness.” Being self-sufficient aides in life’s development, the sky is the limit. Progressing to the next level introduces so many opportunities. Ecclesiastes 3:22 offers words of wisdom, “There is nothing better than for a man to find enjoyment in his work, because that is his reward.” When we work hard at anything we definitely enjoy the labor of our work.

Instead of going to physical work for the pay to sponsor life’s treasures, let’s go to spiritual work for the blessings. “Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as for Jehovah, and not for men” – Colossians 3:23.

“Be ready for every good work.” -Titus 3:1