Coronavirus Text Plea To My Family

Hi Fam💜

I’m sending out a plea to all of you. This text may be long but it will be well worth reading. So here it is…

Stuff is opening up (for economic reasons ONLY) and we can lose focus that we’re still in a COVID-19 pandemic and the virus is still lurking around creeping up on its next victim!

So let’s keep our razors sharp and keep practicing social distancing regardless if face coverings are on and especially when masks are off. As an effort to possibly stop drops from entering our body, remember face coverings should be fabric when held up to light you can’t see through and fit snugged from top of nose bridge, around jaw to bottom chin. And let’s not forget our ears and 👀 s which are also openings into our bodies, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep on glasses or shades when in public – (just a thought).

Prayer is ultimate.

Operating with safe practices is next.

Let’s all stay vigilant & follow the safety precautions. Please don’t get caught up in rhetoric talk about if the media is blowing the numbers out of proportion or if they are reporting too much for a story. It really shouldn’t matter one way or the other…coronavirus is killing folks and I care about us all and want us to be safe as much as we can humanly manage.

Let’s continue to thoroughly wash our hands for 20 seconds as often as possible; stay out of groups, especially when indoors; disinfect commonly used areas often; stay at least 6 feet away from non-household members.

Take your daily vitamin.

Please add to this text any safety precautions that you feel may keep us healthy and alive👍🏽

Love you all and pray for our continued good health and safety❣️

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