Priscilla Pettway, founder of IAmMsPrissy™, always wanted a platform to showcase her creativity
and uplift others through personable customized services.

As a young student attending Center for Enriched Studies (CES), Priscilla rallied and started
CES’s first cheerleader and pep squad team. CES was in its first year of being the first magnet
school in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Later, as a student at the Mid-City Alternative School, Priscilla coordinated entertainment
shows. She enthusiastically scouted for event locations and entertainment. She managed talent
and ticket auditions and ticket, and raffle sales. She creatively choreographed and performed
dance selections. She also rallied for and planned educational field trips for the students.
Priscilla was awarded the Student Achievement Award.

Priscilla later used her unique press n’ curl and hair styling talents to place 1st in the following
hair show competitions:  Contempo School of Beauty-freshman, Elasta Products United Network
Beauty & Barber, and the Revlon Realistic Professional Product and Ideal Black Gold Trade
Shows-Student Preliminaries. She placed 3rd in the Revlon Realistic Gold Trade Show.

The owner and stylist of the prestigious Simply Raw Hair Designers, La Faye Davenport, was
highly impressed by Priscilla’s press n’ curl gift when she witnessed her talents in the Black Gold
Trade Show. La Faye requested that Priscilla immediately apply to be part of the Simply Raw top
hair professionals when she became licensed.

Priscilla trained at Simply Raw Hair Designers in Los Angeles, California. She became part of the
professional hair designing team and was later one of the top cutting-edge stylists to open Simply
Raw’s 2nd location in Panorama City, California. Priscilla designed hair models for the Simply
Raw Hair Designer fashion shows.

Priscilla simultaneously shared her hair styling talents in two geographical regions Panorama
City and Inglewood, CA at Jimmie’s Nu-Way Beauty Salon.

Priscilla later shared many of her hair designing skills at Pat and Company Hair Salon in
Northridge, CA and proceeded to branch out to style in By All Means Hair Salon in North Hills, CA.

These early accomplishments taught Priscilla professionalism and the importance of being
reliable. Priscilla, known as Ms. Prissy was recognized for her knowledge of healthy hair, unique
hair designs, press n’ curls expertise, fashion style, and professionalism.

Many of Ms. Prissy’s cherished memories grew from her relationships with a huge clientele of
uplifting, supportive, and talented individuals.

Priscilla’s clientele included Aretha Woods, wife of musician Jerome Woods. Kim Ward, the
former fiancé of singer and entertainer Bobby Brown. Brown thanked Ms. Prissy for styling Kim’s
hair with a personally signed autograph photo,
“Thanks for doing something with that head!!”

Renowned Neurology Surgeon and founder of Beacon of Hope Scholarship Foundation, Inc.,
Deborah Hyde, M.D. was one of Ms. Prissy’s many clients.

Ms. Prissy designed some of her own fashions for events and sought out the celebrity Fashion
Designer Linda Stokes to execute her designs into fruition. Stokes was the singer & songwriter of
Magic Lady and creator of LSO Designs. Stokes shared these sentiments to Ms. Prissy on a signed
Magic Lady photo,
“Much success to you, you are a fabulous hair stylist.”

Ms. Prissy has modeled in the New Attitudes House of Beauty Salon hair and fashion show and
has created and choreographed hair and fashion show segments for Called to Perfections Hair

Ms. Prissy hosts events and coordinates parties using her take charge and creative skills. She
executes timely and inspired services in any arena. Margaret A. Ensley, Ms. Prissy’s former
manager, commented on Priscilla’s work ethic:
“Priscilla has a take-charge attitude about her
job and seldom waits for anyone to tell her what needs to be done.”

Ms. Prissy grew interest in weight training after training with the fabulous personal trainer David
Mims. Her exercise interest turned into a search for a healthier eating and lifestyle change after
skillful and impressive training with Mims.

She has pursued knowledge for a healthier lifestyle and for many years perfected a disciplined
exercise regimen. Her motto is ‘KeepItMoving.’ Ms. Prissy believes that life successes depend on
ones determination to KeepItMoving. Her self-motivation has encouraged others to seek her
coaching on exercise and healthier eating.

Ms. Prissy eagerly helps others to gain confidence in reaching  their health goals through
achievable exercise and conscious eating.

Ms. Prissy participates in the annual Revlon Run/Walk and has in earlier times participated in
the Minnie Riperton Run/Walk, for Breast Cancer Awareness. She also participated in the Vistas
Mobil St. Patrick's Day Run for The Blind marathons.

Ms. Prissy’s innovative dependable work ethics in every aspect of her life has resulted in praise
from managers and her peers:

Sharon (LAUSD),
“Priscilla is a very ambitious person and a diligent worker who is well liked by
everyone. She performed a very high volume of work quickly and efficiently. I was very
impressed with Ms. Pettway’s capabilities. She quickly adapted to operations and learned
complex functions in a very short period-a task that takes most months to master.”

Margaret (TSA), “Priscilla is a good listener and catches on well.”

Shirley (USPS) “Priscilla had set a standard of excellence that has earned her the respect of her
peers. She exceeds goals and expectations of her work assignment. She is a self-motivator and
tries to motivate her peers. She believes in doing her best at all times. She accomplishes all
assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner. Priscilla is a team player, conscientious,
efficient, productive, reliable, supportive, and a dedicated employee. Her dependability, job
knowledge, and high standard of work performance have earned her special recognition and a
job well done.”

Becky (USPS), “I really appreciate all of your hard work, your attention to detail.”

Marvin (USPS),”You do a great job with timely, informative reporting and messaging.”

David (USPS) “Thanks so much, you all the time do things, extra for people. God bless you and I
really appreciate you.”

Michael (USPS), “As always, I marvel at the quality and sheer volume of work that you put into
all you do. I’m not kidding. If everyone has the mind set you have for contribution to the success
of the whole organization, we could not fail to excel.”

It is inevitable that Priscilla’s great work ethics and life experiences have inspired her to create
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