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Invisible Money Trap

Getting caught in the  “invisible money” trap can discourage us in so many ways. It is easy to overspend when we don’t see money leaving our wallets.

Using credit and debit cards remove our common sense radars we usually experience when paying with cash. With cash we hesitate to depart from our cold cash leaving our hands. We think, “Is this purchase really necessary?” Often, we’ll leave it right in the store. On the other hand, using credit and/or debit cards allure us to shop shop shop. We start internet shopping, which is quick and easy.

Well, there’s always hope in improving our spending money habits. We just have to be open to do things differently, especially when there is a relationship involved.

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Couples can be lured into credit spending and have problems with overspending.

“A borrower is a slave to the lender. – Proverbs 22: 7

Read here for what you can do to resolve to cooperate; set up a budget; rethink your view on possessions; make adjustments.

Oh My, Nasty Earbuds

Something so obvious that’s often overlooked, properly cleaning earbuds. You know we always pop them in our ears at every opportunity. We never think that they actually should to be cleaned often. Yes, they should. By not properly cleaning our buds we invite into our ears dirt and nasty germs from our pockets, desks, cars, bags, fingertips, etc. Our earbuds come in contact with various pathogens (a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease). When we use earbuds we trap ear wax in our ears causing ear wax build up that may result in ear infections and reduce hearing.

I don’t share earbuds with anyone primarily because of hygiene conscientious. There always someone that takes their earbuds out their ears and motions for me to place them in my ears to “listen to this song” I stand there emotionless, not wanting to offend them by responding, “Keep your ear germs to yourself. Gross me out why don’t you.” I’m not the sharing type but I am guilty of not cleaning them regularly.

So a girl has to get with the program and get to cleaning.
Cleaning earbuds is as simple as using a clean cloth or tissue and a toothbrush. 
If there’s a lot of dirt or dust in the metal part of earbuds, brush with a dry toothbrush to remove the dust.
Keeping my earbuds clean will reduce the risk of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from being introduced into my ears and will prevent excess ear wax buildup, ear infections and impacted ear wax.
Not to mention I want to get the best audio performance from my earbuds because a small amount of debris causes the sound to fade or altogether cut out. I also keep my earbuds clean to reduce risk of impaired hearing.
I’m just being real about the ‘obvious’ that is not so obvious.

It’s Not Always Me

It’s not always me.
Sometimes it’s others, those who force their insecurities on me.
You know the type, negative individuals that think they are perfect and their draws don’t stink; they insist that you should be like them. (Yep, I too used to think that I was perfect and expected the world should be like me)They dislike ‘everything’ and insist that you dislike the same things. These individuals repeatedly make gestures and negative comments on things that you enjoy doing.

For the longest I kept falling into that downward trap. Trying to fix myself to accommodate these folks ever changing whims. Downplaying what I enjoy to make sure they are comfortable. Not realizing they’ll never be comfortable. It is actually me feeding into the power of making them feel superior. I was the only one uncomfortable.

Oh boy, I grew up! I messed around and found growth!
I’m talking about that growth that only Jehovah offers, the kind of growth that shows up after you learn better and decide to live better. Growth allows me to make positive steps to meet His expectations, progressing to something more everlasting. Not like humans finicky expectations, I mean life-changing expectations.

What happen was I started reading.
Not only do I ‘read with understanding’, but I implement what I learn.
I no longer believe in perfection. We are born with sin so why should I expect anyone to be perfect. I’m not perfect and these individuals that can’t crawl out of negative land are not perfect either. So, I no longer try to hold up to what imperfect folks think I should do or should not do. My focus is on what He expects from me…what He wants me to do.

I rely on something more fulfilling when making decisions and on how I should treat others. I aim to follow the path of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.
When I let love guide me, I find joy.
When terminating my own understanding, I find peace. When I stop, count to 10 and visualize myself in another shoes, I gain patience. When I walk peacefully my steps don’t hurt others and I become kinder. When I surrender to spiritual progression, I feel good and have better skin (just saying). When I see the Word in action, I am comforted in Faith. When I ‘respond’ and not ‘react’ to negativity that doesn’t give me life, I become mild-tempered. When I disengage my sharp tongue, I invoke self-control.

By not relying on my own understanding and following these fruitage of the spirits I cannot fail. When I implement these fruits in my decision making process and let them guide me I am no longer angry with insecure individuals that insist on being negative and want me to do and be negative just like them.

Most importantly when embodying these fruits I embrace confidence. I make wise decisions to live in such a way that results in pleasing Him – the only one that matters.

I’m work in progress… watch me continue to grow.☺️

LOVE Verses Crap

Don’t be flattered. My silence does not equate to agreement. I’m not oblivious to crappy behavior. I am only bobbing and weaving through the nonsense in the air. I’m making leaps over crap when LOVE shows up. Yes, whenever LOVE enters the room, here comes that crap dropping its sour seeds here and there. Crap shows mad jealously when LOVE enters and inserts its power. Don’t get me wrong sometimes crap seems easier to accept. Yet, good old fashion LOVE nourishes the soul and shows how prosperous and joyful life can be. There’s no doubt, crap rules the world. But don’t get it twisted, LOVE owns the earth. So I bet my life on LOVE regardless of crap’s persistence. Face it, LOVE has powerful forces that cannot be reckoned with. Oh, did I mention LOVE fills the soul, forgives mistakes, has open arms, offers complete security and manifests a clear conscious? LOVE makes you want to do right: releases ignorance, it helps others and is kind, shows compassion, embraces positive changes, exudes progression, attracts humility and penetrates through hatred. LOVE is everlasting.

LOVE’s sparkle lights up darkness.

What exactly does crap have to offer? Absolutely NOTHING!



Never be afraid to embark on a new chapter of your life. Uncertainty may scare us a bit, but let it not stop our intended growth. Taking baby steps result in full grown up steps to a life filled with purpose. Now, it is good to prepare so you’ll be ready for the surprises that always comes with life’s changes. Yet, by putting faith first and not looking back at fears makes a good recipe of PURPOSE drizzled with LOVE.

Let’s go and do this!

Wear it How You Feel

Wear it how you feel! Don’t limit yourself to dress the same as others. Yes, we are inspired by our favorite celebrities, that family member that you can’t wait to see what their wearing, or that close friend who appears to always have herself/himself together.  It’s great to admire others fashion. Just, don’t admire too much where you’re mimicking and you become afraid to rely on your own creative taste.

Step out and wear it how you feel!

Be inspired by your ‘feeling of the day’. Put pieces together that rock your style and sense of being. High step your way out the door and feel fabulous in one of PrivateGarb one-of-a-kind fashions!

Get Moving


Edmund Pezalla, M.D., M. P. H., poetically states, “if you can run, run. If you can bike, bike. If you can walk, walk. Whatever activity you can handle, it’s important to move your body and engage your mind.” Let’s commit to some sort of regular exercise activity that engages our minds.

“A sound mind in a sound body” is based on a quotation by the Greek philosopher Thales (624-546 BC). Improving physical health will also improve mental health.  Daily habits to keep moving like exercise does not only control weight but it may also prevent health issues that affect our minds & diseases that attack our bodies. We should place every effort into keep moving so we can be healthier physically & mentally.

Staying active also improves our mood and definitely boost our energy. Our bodies crave being active. We are meant to move so why fight against such a natural occurrence? Think about how we feel during exercise. “My creative juices flow during my runs. I am more energized and excited about the rest of my day.” -IAmMsPrissy™. Staying active improves the quality of our lives.

Armand Tecco, M.Ed. says, “If you don’t use your body you will surely lose it.” So why take a chance to lose a body that does not belong to us; that was bought with a price. “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God?” -1 Corinthians 6:19.

So I am working towards a personal goal to regularly keep it moving that leads to a healthier body and a spiritually sound mind.

Please join and make the commitment.


Recycle Pays Off!

Recycle pays off!


Yes, I recycle.

It is the thing that I cannot stop. I started years ago and now it is a habit. I must say, it is that little habit that pays off in those unassuming times.


I naturally crush my empty plastic water bottles after I guzzle down my throat that refreshing room temperature water. It is hard for me to throw that empty plastic container in the trash. It is like throwing away money. Don’t get me wrong, storing the empty containers with limited space can be a deterrent. Yet, I find creative ways to get it done.


This is a habit that I am glad I picked up!



Staying Loyal Long After My Mood Has Left Me

I cannot tell you how many times I have said what I was going to do and I did not see it through. Distractions always stopped me. I always went into “someone else” mode and forgot all about the commitments I planned for myself. Later I would look up and wonder what happened. I would immediately blame “life” or someone other than myself.
commitment and loyalty
The truth is I was NOT aware of how to tune into what I really needed. I allowed myself to make external/temporary plans depending on my mood at a particular moment. I was only feeling the “in the moment” emotions.
Currently, I examine the internal reasons why things happen and I seek a remedy for a permanent life changing answer. I am more equipped to stay loyal to the decisions that I choose because I step “outside my box” instead of making a quick fix decision.
I am loyal to the process of “GROWTH”.
Nothing is more satisfying than growing the heck up.